Who we are

    The Medtech & Pharma Platform is an industry association with the aim of using the synergies between medtech and pharmaceutical industries by establishing a forum to exchange knowledge and collaborate in technology and regulatory areas, as well as to promote product development and innovation.

    Beyond the international annual conference that had its inaugural meeting in 2014 the association aims to further strengthen advocacy work for companies to reduce time to market for drugs, devices and combinations thereof, improve access to innovative products, better match patients' needs and expand business opportunities for both industries.

    Founding Members

    SFL Regulatory Affairs & Scientific Communication (SFL) is a premium consultancy specialized in life sciences. SFL’s highly skilled team has in-depth expertise for medicines, medical devices, diagnostics and combination products and provide personalized and integrated solutions from the bench to approval and reimbursement within one consultancy. SFL team expertise covers Regulatory Affairs, Public Affairs, Medical Affairs, Legal, Compliance, Pharmacovigilance, Quality Assurance, and Reimbursement.

    Swiss Medtech
    is the largest Medtech Association of Switzerland aiming to improve innovation for medical technology industry in the country. Swiss Medtech supports the interconnectivity between all stakeholders in the medical technology industry and provides fundamentals for a better understanding of the industry, its opportunities and challenges.


    Shayesteh Fürst-Ladani (President)

    CEO, SFL


    Shayesteh Fürst-Ladani is the CEO and founder of SFL. She has longstanding experience in formulating global regulatory strategy for drugs, orphan drugs, drug & device combination products, borderline products, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs).

    Before founding SFL, Shayesteh held senior positions in various biotech and major pharmaceutical companies as Head of Global Regulatory Affairs and Head of Regulatory Affairs for Development Products.

    Peter Biedermann

    Managing Director, Swiss Medtech


    Degree in Chemistry and environmental sciences

    Business experiences

    • Environmental monitoring
    • Management consulting in industries such as machining, micro-technology and microelectronics
    • Managing Director of Medical Cluster since 2006
    • Managing Director of Swiss Medtech since 2017

    Founder of an own company and founder of several not for profit organizations