Achieving agility to foster innovation and bring value to patients

Call for abstracts categories and sub-topics

We are pleased to encourage abstract submissions for the Medtech & Pharma Platform 2021 Annual Conference (MPP2021) to be held on 21 October 2021 in Basel. The one-day meeting features keynote lectures, presentations and case studies delivered by subject experts. Key focus areas and sub-topics of interest for the MPP2021 conference are:

Achieving a supporting regulatory framework

  • First experience with the implementation of the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR)

  • The impact of Brexit on regulatory assessment and market approval in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • First experience with MDR Article 117 for combination products

  • Pharmaceutical Strategy and extended mandate of EMA

  • Achieving a pragmatic regulatory framework for (connected) combined products, bridging pharma, medtech and IT aspects

How can connected and digital healthcare create value to the patient?

  • Use of patient data and implications for data ecosystems

  • Patient perspectives on data usage: choice, trust, access

  • Current regulatory challenges for connected (combined) products

  • Access to health data across the industry, research institutions, healthcare professionals and patients in Europe, e.g. prospects of the Data Analysis and Real World Interrogation Network (DARWIN)

  • Harmonization of the data management in Europe: towards a European Health Data Space

Accelerating patient access to innovative products

  • Moving from the current health technology assessment to value-based healthcare

  • Real-world evidence (RWE)

  • Considering reimbursement in product development

  • Fast track procedures for market approval

  • Tackling medicines and devices shortages

  • Towards a unified Health technology Assessment (HTA) in Europe

New technologies in innovative combined products

  • Enabling environment for startups & challenges for pharmaceutical industry

  • New innovation trends and recent shifts

  • Artificial intelligence in combined products: challenges, opportunities and regulatory pathway

Facilitating personalized healthcare using combined products

  • Role of combined products in tailored cell and gene therapies

  • Implementation hurdles: cost/payors, guidelines and healthcare systems

  • How can combined products facilitate patient empowerment in healthcare systems?

  • From disease treatment to prevention and early diagnosis: a change of paradigm and field for combined products

New ways of collaboration for combined products

  • Structural/organization, soft skills/mindset

  • Agile ways of working and influence on product development

  • Selection of partners across the industry and academia: bridging fields and countries

  • International cooperation for emergency response

Program focus & audience

The conference program focuses on advances in the use of combined medical devices and medicines to improve current healthcare. The audience includes professionals and experts from medtech, pharmaceutical, and the information and  communications technology industries, as well as regulators, patients, payers and providers, academia and start-ups active in the field.

Author instructions

Abstract submissions must be in English and completed using the online submission form, providing the abstract category, abstract title, and the author name, function, affiliation and a short bio. Submitted abstracts of the proposed presentation should briefly summarize the investigation or observation within 250-500 words.

Novelty, key messages/learnings, and case studies/examples to be presented should be clearly stated. A maximum of two illustrations (figures and/or tables) can be included. Further details and presentation guidelines will be provided after submission. The abstract submission deadline is 5 April 2021.