21 October 2021
Virtual conference

Achieving agility to foster innovation and bring value to patients

Our Annual Conference

The Annual Conference of the Medtech & Pharma Platform association (MPP) offers opportunities to engage in in-depth expert discussions, present innovative products and new ideas to bring innovations at the crossroads of those sectors to patients. Itis dedicated to products and solutions combining medicines, devices, IVDs and software.


The goal of the MPP is to foster cooperation between pharma, medtech, and tech industries by bringing together key stakeholders from the life sciences sector. The Annual Conference seeks to achieve this goal through the following activities:


  • Knowledge exchange: Every year prominent speakers from regulatory authorities, patients' organizations government institutions and industry share their insights in this emerging field. During the Annual Conference, sessions on different aspects of the overarching Conference theme provide participants with the opportunity to build their expertise and update their knowledge in this fast-paced and constantly evolving cross-sectoral area.

  • 1-on-1 partnering: Senior international professionals across key stakeholders attend the Annual Conference. One of the trademarks of our Conference is the 1-on-1 partnering, which facilitates meetings between participants to identify new business partners, discuss potential projects and network with peers at the Conference.

  • Networking opportunities: Showcase products and meeting potential business partners online: The Annual Conference gives the opportunity to its sponsors to advertise their profile and make the best of their experience by making business contacts.

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