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MPP 7th Annual Digital Conference

Achieving patient-centricity under the new MDR - balancing stakeholder interests

22-23 October 2020

Innovative approaches for patients’ health through joint pharma and medtech solutions

MPP Industry Association

The Medtech & Pharma Platform is an industry association dedicated to enhancing synergies between the medtech and pharmaceutical industries by establishing a forum to exchange knowledge

Annual Conference

The Annual Conference of the Medtech & Pharma Platform is dedicated to presenting the latest products, solutions and regulatory developments for devices combining medtech and pharma components.


at the MPP

Exhibiting at the MPP Annual Conference provides an opportunity to enhance the visibility of your company's products and know-how to potential new partners and customers in the medtech and pharma sectors.

at the MPP

The supporting partner package gives you access to greater benefits before and during the platform. Notably, your company will enjoy a greater visibility at the annual meeting on-day and before the conference through our website and the regular communications we send out

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