Dr. Sam Shah

NHS Consultant and Clinical Informatician


Digital Health the interplay between software and medicine

Day 2


9:15 - 9:45


Dr Sam Shah is a clinician and has worked on a number of digital health initiatives across the NHS in England. He holds fellowships to the faculties of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Faculty of Public Health and the Faculty of Clinical Informatics. He has written and published on a range of topics but in particular on digital health and digital transformation in healthcare.

Sam has supported the development and adoption of a number of technology projects in England but has also worked with digital health start-ups from across the world. Sam is one of the inaugural members of the NHS Digital Academy and has led on the digitisation of urgent and emergency care in the NHS. The NHS remains a complex arrangement of payor, provider and internal regulatory organisations operating within the UK.

As a clinician with a background in primary healthcare and public health he is aware of the need to design services through a citizen-centric approach, maximizing accessibility across patients groups, to improve utility, value and the patient experience.

Dr Shah and his team work closely with, suppliers, healthcare providers, industry partners, research units and SMEs. Dr Shah envisions an increasing role for digital technology in healthcare globally in the future, delivering tailored solutions and tools that both support patients to manage their own care and enables them to actively maintain their health and prevent disease onset.

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